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School Events

  • Wear Your Black and Gold Every Thursday!

    Harrison Park Elementary School
  • Wear Your Green and Gold Every Friday!

    Harrison Park Elementary School
  • Labor Day - No School

    Harrison Park Elementary School
  • All Purpose Room

    Clubhouse Life Save The Date

    Open a savings account for your child with the Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union and Make Deposits at teh school on the first Tuesday of each month.
    Harrison Park Elementary School
  • All Purpose Room

    PTO Meeting

    Harrison Park Elementary School
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A Message From Our Principal

Special thanks!

Harrison Park would like to  give thanks for our students, parents, teachers and staff who make Harrison Park a wonderful place for our children to be inspired.  We especially thank the following families and companies who made generous contributions, which enable us to further enrich our students in the areas of reading, science, technology, engineering, math, and so much more.  Our students are growing, learning and exceeding our expectations all because of you! Thanks again.

Arona Road Nursery and the O'Hern Family

The Bender Family

Cleveland Price and the Heller Family

Giant Eagle

Graziano Family

Home Depot

Local Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops

PPG and the Coles Family

PPG and the Martin Family

PPG and the Simpson Family

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. and the Fetsick Family

The Sir Louis Family

The Stull Family


Turner Dairy