Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enroll my new student?

Where To Go:
To register a new student, please stop by the Penn-Trafford Administration Building or call Brian Niemiec, Administrative Specialist/PIMS Coordinator for the Penn Trafford School District at (724) 744-4496. You will be given a packet with all necessary forms needed to register your child. 

Documents to bring with you:
The law required that a parent or guardian show duly certified evidence of age for all children entering school for the first time. Documentation of age may be satisfied by:

Birth Certificate 

Immunization Records All new students or transfer students are required to provide proof of immunization before enrolling. (see Health Services page for immunization requirements) or click here 

Proof of residence is a Centax Tax form completed by the tax office. If further proof of residency is required it can be one of the following:

Utility bill
            Pennsylvania Department of Transportation identification or drivers license
            Pennsylvania Department of Transportation vehicle registration
            Copy of State/Federal program enrollment
            Copy of paycheck stub with name and address of employee and employer
            Residency affidavit
            Wage Tax Statement

Name, address and phone number of previous school. 

Documents you will fill out:
At the time of registration the person registering will need you to complete:

Basic Registration Forms

Please be aware that the following circumstances will involve additional forms that may need to be notarized:
            Families moving in with relatives 
                 Foster Children
                 Group Home Children
                 Person registering is not the legal guardian or parent of the student
                 Emancipated Youths 


How do I order a birthday treat?

A variety of healthy snacks and drinks are available for purchase through the school.  Please print out and complete the Snack List form and send it back to school at least two weeks prior to the date needed.    You may pay at the time of ordering or it can be taken out of your child's lunch account.  All snacks must be ordered through the cafeteria.  Outside snacks are not permitted to be distributed in school.


What is the bus schedule?

Harrison Park AM Buses

Harrison Park PM Buses


What do I do if my child is tardy?

Every minute of our school day is precious.  Our school day begins promptly at 9:00.  If your child arrives after 9:00 am, we ask that you walk your child to the main office to sign him/her in to school.  A note must be provided to the secretary at that time.


What should I do if I need to change my child’s dismissal at the last minute?

Messages regarding a last minute change to your child’s way of dismissal should never be left on a teacher’s voicemail.  Please be certain to speak directly with the building secretary or your child’s teacher to ensure that the message is delivered in time.


What do I need to do if my child is absent?

If your son/daughter is going to be absent due to illness, you do not need to call to inform us.  If requested, homework may be sent home with the student you indicated at the beginning of the year. Additionally, you may contact the office or your child’s teacher to arrange for homework to be sent home. When your child returns to school, you must send in a handwritten excuse with the reason for their absence within 3 days.  A printable excuse form also is available here.


What is the process for early dismissal?

We understand that there may be a rare occasion in which you need to take your child from school before our day ends.  On the day of the dismissal, please send in a note that states the teacher’s name, the time of dismissal, and the reason for the dismissal. Arrive at the school at that time and the child will be called down to the office.  Early dismissals, other than parent pick-up at 3:15, must be completed by 3:00.  This will allow you to exit the facility prior to the arrival of parent pick-up cars.


What is the process for parent pick-up?

There may be a time when you need to pick up your child at the regular dismissal time, instead of having him/her ride home on their regular bus.  Please send in a note stating that you would like your child to be added to the parent pick up list for that day.  If your child is to be picked up on a regular basis, please send in one note stating the days of the week to be picked up.  Their teacher will put their names on their dismissal list.  If you then need to remove them from the list you must send in a note to the teacher stating that.   You will wait in your car in the parent pickup line located in front of the school, arriving no later than 3:15 on a regular dismissal day. Children will be dismissed and monitored while walking to their cars.  No cars move until all children are safely in their cars.


How do I put money into my child’s lunch account?

You have two choices.  You can send a check made out to "PTSD" in an envelope marked with your child’s name and SNAP ID number. It will be added to your account that day.  


You can use the online payment system provided by ARAMARK, Lunch PrePay.  Please visit for more information.  


Can my child ride another child’s bus?

We understand that there may be a rare occasion where your child’s after school care necessitates a change in dismissal routine.  In these rare instances, a written note explaining the situation and which bus you are requesting your child be permitted to ride must be submitted to the office at least one day in advance.  Decisions about temporary bus changes are made according to bus capacity issues. 


What is Math and Reading Lab?

This is a free before and/or after school intervention program designed to address specific individual student needs.  These sessions are offered by invitation only at various times throughout the school year.  Parent permission is needed for students to attend.  Parents need to provide transportation to/from school.


How do I contact the bus company?

First Student - (724) 863-1185

How do I find out if our school has a delay or cancellation?

Our school district utilizes a ConnectEd automated phone system.  You will set up a contact phone number with your school.  The district will put out an automated call announcing school delays and/or cancellations.  School delays and cancellations also are announced on the local television stations and on our website.

2020-2021 Elementary Handbook